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What is the difference between Square D contactors Classes: 8502, 8903L, 8903S and 8910?

8502, 8903L, 8903S and 8910 specs

Product Line:
NEMA Contactors

Products sold and used in the United States

The 8502, 8903 and 8910 are all designed for different purposes and are designed to different standards:
8502 are made for starting and stopping motors and are designed to NEMA standards.
8903L and 8903S are designed for lighting loads.
8903L is a lighter duty lighting contactor, available up to 12 pole which can have normally closed contacts.
8903S is a heavy duty lighting contactor available up to 800A and up to 5 poles with normally open contacts only.
8910 are Definite Purpose Contactors made for less frequent starting and stopping and are designed to ARI (Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Institute)standards.
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