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What is the part numbers for a sub feed lug kit main lug NQ panelboard (MLO) ?

What is the part numbers for a sub feed lug kit  main lug NQ panelboard (MLO) ?

Product Line:
NQ Panelboard

Products sold in North America

The part numbers for single phase and 3 phase panelboards NQ panelboards are below
Amp Catalog # Instruction Bulletin
100 A NQSFL1 80043-729-01
225 A NQSFL2 80043-729-01
400 A NQSFL4 80043-745-01
600 A Use Feed Thru Lug Kit

Also the sub feed lugs requires additional box space. See the box requirements for the sub feed lug kits in the below table. The important variables are the number of spaces available in the panel and the amperage of the panel.
Feature Circuits  100 A 225 A 400 A 600 A
18 MH26 Use FTL
30 MH32 MH38 MH50 Use FTL
42 MH44 MH50 Use FTL
72 MH50 MH62 Use FTL
84 MH56 MH68 Use FTL
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