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What are the repair parts for an EZM410125R, Series E01 branch unit?

Only the parts listed below are considered field replaceable, and some components are no longer available.

Parts include Meter Socket through Tenant Circuit Breaker Compartment. Quantities listed are for one position only (where part number only is given the order quantity for that part is one):

5-Jaw Meter Socket - 4052720650 (obsolete no longer available)
Meter Socket Jaw Assembly - (4) 7329794850
Keps Nuts to secure Meter Socket Jaws - (4) 2342702001
Mounting Screws for Meter Socket - (2) 4020508201 (obsolete no longer available)
Line Side Meter Socket Bus Connectors - (2) 4052756250
Keps Nuts for Line Side Bus Connectors - (2) 2342702001
Load Side Meter Socket Bus Connectors - (2) 4052752050 (obsolete no longer available)
Circuit Breaker Base - 4052751802 (obsolete no longer available)
Mounting Screws for Circuit Breaker Base - (4 ) 2142417200 (obsolete no longer available)
Mounting Screws for Bus Connectors- (2) 4020508202 (obsolete no longer available)
Connector Fingers for Circuit Breaker Base - (2) 4052707001 (obsolete no longer available)
Mounting Screws for Connector Fingers - (2) 4020516301 (obsolete no longer available)
Nuts for Connector Finger Mounting Screws - (2) 23504-990-02 (obsolete no longer available)
Load Neutral Lug 4025104251 (obsolete no longer available)
Keps Nut to secure Load Neutral Lug - 2342702001
Load Neutral Bus Connector - 4052756350 (obsolete no longer available)
Keps Nuts for Load Neutral Bus - 2342702001

OTHER Available Parts for this device:
Cover Mounting Screw - 4020513002K
Equipment Ground Terminal Assembly - 4052737150 (obsolete no longer available)
Mounting Screws for Equipment Ground - (2) 2142217101
Individual Meter Socket Trim (Ring Type) - 4052793950 (obsolete no longer available)
Gasket for Meter Socket Trim - 4052736801 (obsolete no longer available)
Mounting Screw for Meter Socket Trim - 2142217101
Meter Socket Sealing Ring (standard aluminum snap type) - 2920910001
Circuit Breaker RB Cover (one position) - BCH (obsolete no longer available)
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