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Are the UL Listed versions of the non-metallic Vario switches available with lockable handles?

Recently, a change has been made to provide lockable handles as standard.

To convert any devices provided without lockable handles, the handle kits listed below can be ordered and changed in the field to obtain locking capabilities. Please note that the shaft provided with these handle kits should be discarded and not used with the non-metallic enclosure. Use the original shaft that came with the complete device.

KCF1PZ is the replacement handle assembly.

KCF2PZ is the replacement handle assembly.

KCF3PZ is the replacement handle assembly.

Standard handle assemblies CANNOT be used to replace factory installed handle assemblies on these non-metallic enclosed switches. The original, factory supplied shaft must be used with the replacement handle. The standard replacement handle shaft will be too short to properly engage the switch and if used, could cause the switch to disengage from the handle assembly during normal use.

CTA-ID : 2044064
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