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What are the repair parts for an MP55125, Series M01 branch unit?

Current design repair parts

Product Line:
Meter Pak Metering

Repair parts


Only the parts listed below are considered field replaceable:

Customer Cover, Left Side (includes labels) - MP5125LC
Customer Cover, Right Side (includes labels) - MP5125RC
Circuit Breaker RB Cover (one position) - BCV
Cover Screws (Bag of 10 Screws) - 4020513002K
Blank Meter Socket Cover (top left position) - MMCBK
Meter Socket Cover (ring type, one position) - MMC
Meter Socket Sealing Ring (aluminum latch type) - 2920910001
Pull Box Cover - MM56125PC
Line Phase and Main Neutral Lugs (kit includes three, 2-barrel lugs and mounting hardware)- MMLK250
Alternate Lug Kits - Refer to Digest
LEFT Meter Sockets Load Neutral and Service Ground Lug Assembly - 7329819857 (includes 4- lugs and main neutral bus bar)
RIGHT Meter Sockets Load Neutral and Service Ground Lug Assembly - 7329819862 (includes 5-lugs and main neutral bus bar)
Mounting Screws for both Load Neutral/Service Ground Lug Assembly:
(1 per assembly) - 2142720241 (mounts the assembly to the Main Neutral Bar of the device)
(1 per assembly) - 2149020120 (mounts the assembly to the enclosure just below the Main Neutral bar connection)
(1 per assembly) - 2153217161 (mounts the assembly to the bracket in the enclosure at the bottom of the assembly)

Equipment Ground Lug Assembly (2 required) 7329897052 (includes 3-lugs and mounting bracket per assembly) 
Mounting Screws for Equipment Ground lug assembly - (4) 2142217101
Parts Kit (one position, meter socket line side through tenant breaker base) - MM125KIT
Mounting Channel - 7329652101

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