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What tenant breakers do the EZM, 225amp Max. meter socket branch devices accept, both 3-Phase and 1-Phase?

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The EZM 225amp meter socket branch devices will ONLY accept as standard, Type QBP-TM, QDP-TM, QGP-TM or QJP-TM circuit breakers from 70A minimum to 225A maximum. The 1phase IN-1phase OUT and the 3phase IN-1phase OUT devices will use 2pole tenant breakers and the 3phase IN-3phase OUT will use 3pole tenant breakers.

NOTE: There is a adapter kit that does allow for the use of a 2pole, QO tenant breaker to be used in the single phase ONLY 225amp meter socket branch devices, catalog number EZM125QOA, BUT see the current digest for a description and the Short Circuit Current Rating of the ENTIRE EZM-Line when this kit is used.  

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