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What is required for adding the current design EZM devices to an existing OLD style(Pre-Digest 172) EZM metering line up?

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Main Horizontal Bus Structure


First, one must keep in mind adding current style EZM to the OLD Style EZM will depend on the existing catalog numbers and how the OLD style EZM is mounted in reference to the grade level(ground) or a floor and to determine what catalog numbers of the current style EZM can be added. It is suggested to obtain ALL current catalog number drawings BEFORE obtaining any device to determine if the current style devices can be added.

If the existing EZM is OLD Style and pre-dates Digest 172, then a transition section will be required to connect the old main horizontal cross bus to the current main horizontal cross bus. A description of the Horizontal cross bus, both old and new is noted below.  The required Transition Sections for this purpose are listed in the current Digest, and include both styles on horizontal cross bus structures (catalog numbers include: EZM1TRANR and EZM1TRANL for Single Phase and EZM3TRANR and EZML3TRANL for Three Phase systems. See the current digest plus selector on-line for descriptions of each transition section and to determine which transition section would be required.

The Digest 172 marked Square D's first entry of the current style horizontal cross bus as used in today`s EZM Meter-Pak Metering Equipment phased A-B-C-N (from Top to Bottom for 3-Phase, 4-Wire devices) and phased A-B-void-N (from Top to Bottom for 1-Phase, 3-Wire devices). Adding onto an EZM Meter Center built prior to 2000(pre-digest 172) will involve use of an EZM Transition Section. Previous designs of EZM had a ``Bus Stack`` phased C-B-N-A (from Front to Rear for 3-Phase, 4-Wire devices) and phased B-N-A (from Front to Rear for 1-Phase, 3-Wire devices).

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