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Is there a field installable 100% copper neutral kit for NQ panelboards?


Product Line:
NQ Panelboards

UL 67, UL 50, CSA C22.2 No.'s 20-M1989 & 94-M91, NEMA PB1, NFPA 70 Art. 408, Federal Specification W-P-115C Type 1 Class 1 , 2003 IBC, NFPA 5000, ASCE/SE17

Specifications occasionally require 100% copper neutrals, often in combination with other 100% copper current carrying interior components.

Field installable 100% copper neutral kits are for NQ panelboards with 20 inch wide boxes only.

The neutral assemblies for NQ panelboards with 14 inch wide and column width enclosures are of a different design, and there is not a 100% copper neutral kit for them.  

For the 100A rated interiors in 20 inch wide enclosures use 100% copper neutral kit NQN1CU.

For the 225A rated interior in 20 inch wide enclosures use 100% copper neutral kit NQN2CU.

For the 400A and 600A interiors, 100% copper neutral kit NQN6CU can be used, except in applications requiring 600A rated interiors equipped with sub-feed lugs, feed-thru lugs or sub-feed circuit breaker(s):  for these specific applications, the NQN6CU is incompatible.

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