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How to adjust the amp rating of the DJM circuit breaker used in EZM Metering equipment, and how to seal the adjustments per the NEC.

What is the procedure to adjust the amp rating of the DJM circuit breaker used in EZM metering equipment, and can a seal be installed to prevent unauthorized access to the adjustment dials?

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

Applies to DJM circuit breakers used as tenant breakers in EZM Metering Equipment

The DJM breaker used in EZM metering equipment is a maximum of 400A, and sometimes a lower amp rating is required

The DJM breaker used in EZM metering equipment is a maximum of 400A, but can be field adjusted to a minimum of 160A using the dials on the trip unit. These dials are labeled "Io" and "Ir". Use the attached document 4162DB0401 to get the dial settings needed for various amp ratings. To seal the cover over the dials to prevent unauthorized access, a tamper-evident seal kit is available which meets the requirements of NEC 240-6(c). The kit is catalog number S29375 (sold separately from the breaker).
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