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What is the main breaker kit for a 225amp NQ panel?

What Main breaker kits are available for the 125 amp and 225amp NQ panelboards?

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NQ Panelboards.


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Following are the availble Main breaker kits with Main breaker Frames listed:

NQMB2HJ Mains kit uses the 600V rated Powerpact H frame breaker 125 amp maximum for 125A interiors, or a Powerpact J frame breaker, up to 225amp maximum for 225A interiors.
  Note the use of 600V H and J frame breakers used as Mains in a 240V panelboard, allows accessories , ie Shunt trip , to be added to the Main. 
The Powerpact Q Frame breakers (240V rated) have NO options , or accessories that can be added , or ordered for the breaker .

NQMB2Q Mains kit uses the 240V rated Powerpact Q frame breaker from 70-225A .

NQMB2KI, when using the KI frame breaker. MAIN and Breaker kit NLA , obsolete 

All Main Circuit breaker kits DO NOT include the main breaker
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