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How do I determine the correct weathershield, wall mounting bracket, ceiling mounting bracket, and replacment parts for a transformer?<br /><br />

Find the catalog number (or a standard catalog number that is the same kVA, temperature rise and kfactor) in the current Digest. There is a letter/number combination next to the catalog number in the Enclosure column.
Take that number (for example 20D) and turn to the page in Catalog 7400CT0601 that corresponds to the enclosure. There are dimensions and an accessories/replacment parts matrix on the page.
Note that neither voltages, shielding, frequency, winding material nor sound level impact the enclosure size. So an EE75T211HISCU47DB will be in the same enclosure as a EE75T3H. Temperture rise and kFactor DO impact enclosure size, so choose the correct standard reference unit in the Digest

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