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Does Schneider-Electric offer a lock-off for the EDB, EGB, and EJB breakers?

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

Applies to EDB, EGB and EJB circuit breakers

There is a removable padlock attachment that can be used on any series E-frame breaker:
HPAFD for lock ON and OFF

There are also fixed padlock attachments available for Series 2 and higher E-frame breakers:
EDPA for lock ON and OFF
EDPAF for lock OFF only

These padlock attachments are also available factory installed (only available for fixed padlock attachments):
Suffix YQ = Lock OFF only
Suffix YP = Lock ON or OFF
Ex.  EDB34030YQ = Lock OFF only
Ex.  EDB34030YP = Lock ON or OFF

The EDPA must be attached to the breaker using slots in each end of the breaker escutcheon.
Standard EDB circuit breakers (series 2 and higher), have these slots (see picture below).



For EDPA see instruction bulletin, 48840-256-01.
For EDPAF see instruction bulletin, 48840-255-01.
For HPAFD see instruction bulletin, 48840-080-01.
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