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Does Square D offer a 600amp rated meter socket for the EZM metering equipment?

Maximum EZM meter socket available

Product Line:
EZM Metering

Meter socket ampere ratings

Load Application requirements of meter socket

Square D does NOT offer any type of EZM 600amp Meter Socket branch device, the maximum is 400amp. Also, Square D does not offer a 600amp EZM-CT branch device.

Above the 400amp level, CT cabinets are generally used. When tenant loads above 400amp are required downstream from an EZM meter center, Square D does offer 600A and above EZM Tap Boxes that may be installed in the metering line-up for these applications. This is generally how it would work; the customer would install a separate EZM-TB into the line-up, for example catalog number EZM1600TB (for 1-Phase), or EZM3600TB (for 3-Phase). By installing the EZM-TB into the line-up, this would energize the main horizontal cross bus. Then the customer would cable out of the EZM-TB to a CT Cabinet (supplied by other). In other words, the EZM-TB would be installed in the initial line-up, but not as the main and energized from the Main Horizontal Bus. Then cable out of the EZM-TB to the CT cabinet and from the CT Cabinet, feed a Enclosed Circuit Breaker or Fusible Safety Switch. The breaker or switch is to be installed downstream from the CT Cabinet to maintain HOT Sequenced Metering as provided with all other EZM style branch units.

NOTE: BEFORE selecting, obtaining and installing ANY metering equipment check with the local utility requirements and codes, to ensure this meets with their approval.
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