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Are the 8910DPA contactors rated for lighting loads?

Can the 8910DPA contactors handle lighting loads

Product Line:
Definite Purpose Contactors

NEMA and Definite Purpose Contactors and Starters

The 30 and 40 amp 8910DPA devices with Form U1 are UL Listed with the following ratings:

Tungsten Rating: 250 Vac, 60 hertz, 30 amps.

Ballast Rating: 277 Vac, 60 hertz, 40 amps.

This applies to the 8910DPA32, 8910DPA33, 8910DPA34, 8910DPA42, 8910DPA43, AND 8910DPA44 DEVICES WITH FORM U1 ONLY.

These are not appropriate for use on LED HID or metal hallide lighting loads. 
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