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Does SquareD/Schneider Electric manufacture low voltage dry type distribution Transformers with copper windings as standard?

Low Voltage Transformers (excepting Sealed Epoxy Resin Encapsulated Transformers)  by SquareD/Schneider Electric are offered in both Aluminum and Copper winding materials

Product Line:
LV Transformers

Applies to Transformers by SquareD/Schneider Electric

Copper wound Transformers are often specified on plans and specifications

Square D/Schneider Electric does not offer the copper wound Ventilated Transformers as standard.  Copper wound Transformers are available from the Digest or using the Product Selector and will have ``CU`` as part of the catalog number.  Square D  encapsulated Transformers (Sealed Epoxy Resin Encapsulated Transformers, with enclosure types A, B & C) do have copper windings as standard.


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