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Video: What are the Compression lugs for Powerpact H breakers?

What are the Aluminum and copper compression lug part numbers and wire ranges for the Powerpact H frame breakers?

Product Line:
PowerPact H frame breakers

Applies to unit mount and I-Line. Does not apply to plug-in and draw out breakers.

Want to change the mechanical lugs and install compression lugs.

These are the aluminum and copper compression lugs that are available for the PowerPact H frame breaker along with their wire ranges.
For (1) conductor #6 - #2 AWG Al or Cu Qty (3) part number is YA060HD.
For (1) conductor 1/0 - 4/0 AWG Al or Cu Qty (3) part number is YA150HD
For (1) conductor #6 - 1/0 AWG Cu only Qty (3) part number is CYA060HD
For (1) conductor #4 - 2/0 AWG Cu only Qty (3) part number is CYA150HD

The following video demonstrates the procedure for installing and wiring the YA060HD compression lug kit to PowerPact H-Frame breakers:

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