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ATV21 Trying to use the analog output to track output frequency, but is only getting 7VDC between CC and FM.

Set the FM dip SW2 switch I or V

See table 49: Analog output function table page 77 in ATV21 programming manual.
FNSL set to
15 (if you are doing motor current)
17 if you are doing output frequency, power or any other signal other then current.

Get Fluke meter and connect to drives control terminals FM and CC. Set up you meter to read either dc voltage or ma current.

Goto FN in programming you will see 100 on display of the Drive. Using the up and down arrows on the drive and the Fluke meter display you can scale the voltage or current to match 10V or 20mA. Once you are done hit enter once.

Go back to FNSL table 49 and choose your desired function to monitor like 0 for Output frequency or 1 for motor current.

Other notes:

Analog output slope F691 0= negative slope or 1= positive slope (neg slope = 10-0 or 20ma- 4ma and positive slope would be 0 ? 10v or 4-20mA)

Analog output bias F692 range 0-100% (F692= or 0mA, F692=20% is 4mA)

CTA-ID : 2038018
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