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How should the branch neutral and equipment ground conductors be terminated in a QO or Homeline load center when applied as Service Equipment in the U.S.?


Product Line:
Homeline and QO load centers

Branch neutral and ground connections


NOTE: ALWAYS make sure to follow the NEC and Local Code Requirements for ANY wiring.

The branch neutral conductors should be terminated in the insulated branch neutral terminals. Per the NEC, ONLY one branch neutral conductor may be terminated in each terminal(or under each wire binding screw). The load center neutral should be bonded to the enclosure in a service equipment application using the provided Green bonding screw. The neutral bonding screw will get installed through a hole in the main neutral bar, to the back of the enclosure. SEE the load center wiring diagram for exact location.

When the load center is applied as service equipment, any UNUSED branch neutral terminals may be used to terminate equipment ground conductors. Use an Equipment Ground Bar Kit for terminating the ground conductors that the Neutral Assembly could not accommodate. Depending upon the load center catalog number, the Equipment Ground Bar Kit may be factory included, factory installed, or required to purchase separately.

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