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Is there a padlock attachment for the C60 Multi 9 breakers?

What available padlock attachments are offered for the C60BP, C60BPR, C60SP, C60H-DC, C60N, C60H or C60L Multi 9 breakers?

Product Line:  
Circuit breakers

Multi 9 breaker accessories

Yes.  There are two types available.  There are padlock devices which attach to the front of the breaker that accept an 0.315" (8 mm) max diameter padlock.  The 26970 device will lock the breaker in the ON or OFF position.  The M9PAF device will only lock the breaker in the OFF position.  

Alternatively, there are side mounting devices.  There is a left hand kit (MGN26380) and right hand kit (MGN26381).  This allows flexibility to use other accessories on either side of the Multi-9 device.  The LOTO (lock-off, tag-out device) will accommodate padlock shackle size of 1/4 to 3/8" (6-9.5 mm).
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