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What are the repair parts for a 82445, Series A1 Double throw Safety Switch?

What are replaceable parts for 82445, Series A1?

Product Line:
Safety Switches

Double Throw Safety Switches

The parts listed here are the only field replaceable parts.
MIDDLE LOAD Switch Blade Assembly - 40538-596-50 (4 used per switch)
TOP LINE Switch Base Assembly - 40538-606-50 (Includes arc suppressor) (4 used per switch)
BOTTOM LINE Switch Base Assembly - 40538-605-50 (Includes arc suppressor) (4 used per switch)
Base mounting screws - 21427-18241 (2 used per base assembly)
Handle knob assembly - 40284-357-50
Lug assembly - 40251-136-51 (1 used per base assembly)
Keps nut for mounting lugs - 23427-02200 (1 used per lug)
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