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On an EZM31200CBU main, can (3) 600 kcmil AL or CU wires be terminated per phase and neutral?

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Yes. The EZM31200CBU (underground only feed) Circuit Breaker Main device is supplied with lug landing pads to accept (3) Lugs per phase and neutral (order lugs separately) and has (6) 1/2``-13 threaded studs per phase on 1 - 3/4`` centers as measured vertically and 2`` on centers as measured horizontally (NEMA Standard Spacing). Square D offers a mechanical lug kit that includes (4) ILSCO Lugs (their Cat. No.: TA6002N). Each of these lugs will accommodate (1) 3/0 AWG - 600 kcmil AL/CU wire. Order multiple Square D Cat. No.: CMELK4 lug kits. This device would require a total of 12 lugs to obtain for (3) lugs per phase, so a quantity of (4) CMELK4 kits would be needed to obtain the needed 12 lugs for this device.

CTA-ID : 2036430
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