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Can the Single Phase EZM branch units connect ONLY to the Single Phase EZM main devices?

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EZM Metering

Branch and Main connections


Yes, the single phase IN - single phase OUT EZM branch devices, can ONLY be used with the single phase main devices.

Square D designs both Single phase EZM metering and 3 Phase EZM metering.
The single phase EZM mains are designed with Single Phase horizontal cross bus, as 1-Phase IN/1-Phase OUT and can ONLY be used with the EZM Branch devices that are 1phase IN/1phase OUT. 

The three phase EZM mains are designed with three phase horizontal cross bus, as 3Phase incoming ONLY. BUT the 3phase EZM Mains, can use both 3phase IN/3Phase OUT branch devices and 3phase IN/1Phase OUT branch devices. This allows a 3phase application to contain both 3phase and single phase loads, while being fed by a 3phase system.

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