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Can EZM, EZMH, EZML, EZMR and EZMT 3-Phase In, 1-Phase OUT Branch Units be ordered for use on 240/120 Vac, 3-Phase, 4-Wire DELTA Systems feeding 120/240 Vac, 1-Phase, 3-Wire Tenants connected to A-Phase and C-Phase only?

Yes by adding suffix ``CA`` to branch unit catalog numbers. The HIGH-LEG (208 Vac potential from B-Phase to Ground) is not used.
Only the A-Phase and C-Phase vertical bus connectors are made use of to feed each of these tenant meter socket/ tenant circuit breaker positions.
Catalog Number Examples for ordering include: EZM314125CA, EZMH312125CA, EZMR314225CA, EZMT311225CA and EZML312400CA

CTA-ID : 2036758
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