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Will the XCSL, safety interlocks, use the same key as the XCKJ? <br />

Yes. Per the Machine Safeguarding catalog, pg. 42, the XCSL use the same keys as the XCKJ.
ZCKY071 has a straight extension for mounting. ZCKY081 has the extension bent 90 degrees downward. ZCKY091 has a large moiunting housing with
spring loading, so that the key can swivel side to side and adjust vertically , while the ZCKY101 is a large slide bolt with a black knob, having 3 lockout points. Note when the last digit of the key is a 1, there is a notch in the black key shaft to allow the locking mechanism to lock the key in the keyway. A smooth key will fit the keyway, but without the notch, it will not engage the locking mechanism and will inhibit operation of the switch.

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