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What are the dimensions and configuration of an EZM3600CBNFBTR main device as designed for use with I-Line Plug-in Busway Riser applications?

An EZM3600CBNFBTR measures 53.97`` High, 18.66`` Wide, 11.50`` Deep with a Busway tap that extends 4.11`` from the RIGHT side of this main as measured to the front face of the vertically mounted I-Line Plug-In Busway. This 600A 3-Phase, 4-Wire device also has the Neutral Bus located to the front to properly align with a Busway Riser phased as N-C-B-A as viewed from FRONT to REAR (with the A-Phase located closest to the wall). This EZM3600CBNFBTR device with Tap extending from the RIGHT of this main, mounts to the LEFT Side of the Plug-In Busway Riser.

CTA-ID : 2035820
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