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When connecting EZM mains and branch units to each other, how is the equipment ground path established?

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EZM equipment is UL Listed in file E131840 as a modular-panelboard and complies with the Standards UL50, UL67 and UL414. The devices makes use of three points of contact when connecting cabinets to each other. Three captive carriage bolts are provided at the right side opening of each EZM cabinet to mate with clearance holes around the left side opening of each adjoining EZM cabinet. Once these bolts engage the connecting cabinet three star washer hex nuts (torque to 35-50 IN LBS- DO NOT OVER TORQUE) provided in a bag assembly are used to establish the equipment ground path between cabinets. SEE THE INSTRUCTIONS THAT COME WITH EACH EZM DEVICE

NOTE: When checking continuity between cabinets do so at exposed bare metal points like the threads of empty trim screw holes, or at the equipment ground lugs from one cabinet to the next. 

CTA-ID : 2035859
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