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Can PQ fusible plug-in units be mounted on both vertical and horizontal busway?

Can a PQ3606G be mounted vertically and horizontally?

Product Line:
Busway PQ Plug-in Units

I-line I&II Busway


It depends on the amperage of the plug-in unit.

30A, 60A, and 100A plug-in units can be mounted on either horizontal or vertical busway with no additional hardware.
200A units have two different designs. The PQ units (such as PQ3220G) are designed to be used on horizontal busway. The PS units (such as PS3220G) can only be used in vertical riser applications.
400A and 600A plug-in units can be used on a horizontal busway as standard and can be used on a vertical riser busway run when auxiliary mounting kit PBQ4060RMK is used.
For 800A, 1000A, and 1200A PTQ bolt-on units, the orientation of the busway - either horiztonal or vertical - must be specified when ordering the plug-in unit.
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