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On a SU3040D400CN, what is the specified torque requirements for the incoming (line side) phase and neutral lugs?

The incoming line phase and neutral lugs are purchased separately and field installed. For the lug wire binding screw: If using an ILSCO TA-600-2N or Square D CMELK4, torque to 375 LB-IN; ILSCO TA-800-2N, torque to 500 LB-IN; Anderson L1D2-350, torque to 250 LB-IN; Anderson L1D2-800, torque to 550 LB-IN. In all cases, the lug mounting nut should be torqued to 300 LB-IN. This information is documented on the device`s wiring diagram.

CTA-ID : 2034760
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