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Does Square D offer a 8502SE (NEMA Size 3) contactor with 2 normally closed and 2 normally open power contacts?

Auxiliary contact selection for NEMA size 3 contactor

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NEMA Contactors

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4 auxiliary contacts needed for NEMA size 3 contactor

Not at this size in the NEMA rated family offering. There are normally closed power pole adders available up to the Size 2.
We can provide 2 normally open and two normally closed power poles with our (IEC Style) D-Line family of products up to the D80 contactors. See the IEC section of the Digest for details.
Also 2 normally open and 2 normally closed power poles are an option on Class 8910 DPA Definite Purpose contactors 20 amp inductive or 25 amp resistive through 40 amp inductive or 50 amp resistive contactors. See Class 8910 section of the current Digest for additional information.
NOTE: None of these solutions is recommended for use as a single phase transfer device.

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