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Can the QO-GFI, QO-CAFI, QO-AFI, QO-EPD, QO-EPE, and QO-DF type branch breakers go into any older QO load center from 1972 and before, or ANY of the older QO load centers?

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Product Line:
Old QO load centers

Certain QO branch breakers

Installation and application

Before the QO-GFI, QO-CAFI, QO-AFI, QO-EPD, QO-EPE and QO-DF branch breakers can be installed in Older QO load centers, the installer MUST determine per the NEC if the load center has sufficient wire bending space before installing these branch breakers. 

Most QO load centers manufactured before 1972 or that are under 14.25 inches wide will not have sufficient wire bending spaces. These older load centers are dimensionally smaller than current design load centers, so even though all the above branch breakers may Physically plug onto the interior of the load center, there may not be sufficient wire bending space per the NEC. Therefore, we do not recommend installing these branch breakers in the older QO load centers.

EXCEPTION: Some Older QO6-12 or QO8-16 load centers have their interiors horizontally mounted and could be less than 14.25 inches wide, BUT with these load centers the installer must follow the NEC for sufficient wire bending space before installing any of the above mentioned QO branch breakers.

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