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What are some appropriate steps to troubleshoot an inoperative transformer?

How to troubleshoot a Dry type EE or EX transformer?

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EE and EX transformers

trouble shooting incorrect voltages, wiring issues, odd or weird voltages to ground, or inoperative transformer

1. Check that line and load connections are properly made and that appropriate jumpers and/or tap settings are in accord with nameplate instructions.
2. Measure input voltage to insure that voltage is within 5% of nominal rated voltage or tap setting
3. If input circuit protection opens while energizing transformer, make sure fuse or circuit breaker is a minimum 1.25 x full load input current rating of the transformer.
4. If the transformer can be energized, measure output voltage with no load on transformer to insure that voltage is within tolerance.
5. If a neutral is derived on the load side of the transformer, insure that neutral ground bonding is accomplished in accord with National Electric Code or local code requirements. Failure to ground neutrals is often the cause of unusual voltage measurements to ground.

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