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On the 400A CSED Meter-Mains and All-In-One panels, what is the specified torque requirements for the incoming (line side) phase and neutral lugs?


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Torque specifications

The incoming line phase and neutral lugs are purchased separately and field installed. For the lug wire binding screws: If using an ILSCO TA-600-2N or Square D CMELK4, torque to 375 LB-IN; ILSCO TA-800-2N, torque to 500 LB-IN; Anderson L1D2-350, torque to 250 LB-IN; Anderson L1D2-800, torque to 550 LB-IN. In all cases, the lug mounting nut should be torqued to 300 LB-IN. This information is documented on the device`s wiring diagram.

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