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What is the difference between EZML333225 and EZML333225D?

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Both Branch Units are rated NEMA 1/3R and are supplied with a solid top drip hoods. When installed outdoors with cable exiting through enclosure top, holes must be cut and use of Liquid-Tight or Water-Tight Hubs are required. The EZML333225D Branch Unit is supplied with a removable solid top drip hood and is also supplied with an inner top endwall having knockouts. When this device is installed outdoors ``Center-Punched Marks`` in the solid top drip hood align with the knockouts of the inner endwall making it easy to locate where to cut holes for exit conduits. When installed indoors the drip hood of the EZML333225D Branch Unit is removed and knockouts can be accessed in the remaining inner top endwall. Holes would still need to be cut in the drip hood for top exit out of an EZML333225.

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