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Can the operating handle of a Double Throw safety switch be padlocked in the ON or OFF position?

Lock ON Provisions

Product Line:
Double Throw Safety Switches

Product Features

Locking operating handle ON


Lock OFF:
Provision to lock the operating handle in the OFF position is standard on all Double Throw safety switches.

Lock ON:
Provision to lock the handle in the ON position is available (subject to local code regulations - consult local authorities for interpretation).
DT and DTU Series F switches: Factory installed standard feature and no suffix needed.

82000 and DTU, 200amp, Series E1 and E2 switches: Factory installed option only, Add suffix SPLO to standard catalog number. Consult latest Square D Digest for price adder.
82000, 200amp and 400amp, Series E3 and A1 switches: Factory installed standard feature and no suffix needed.

92000 (Series E or Series T) devices:  Factory installed standard feature, no suffix needed.

ALL DTU, 600amp switches: Not a standard feature and SPLO suffix is NOT available from the factory.
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