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What type of fuses can be used in the QMB225WT3, QMB325WT3, QMB326WT3 and QMB327WT3 switches?


Product Line:

QMB Switches

Fuse selection

These QMB switches will accept ONLY 300Vac Class T fuses.
By definition a Class T fuse is a fast acting, current limiting fuse that is rated to interrupt a minimum of 200,00 Amps.
Class T fuses are offered in 300V AC and 600V AC versions, with Ampere ratings range from 1 to 800 Amps. They have a small footprint, roughly a 1/3 the size of Class R fuses.
Class T Fuses are UL Listed under UL248-15, Class T and CSA Certified.
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