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How do the accessory wires come out of a Powerpact H, J or L frame unit mount breaker?

On the Powerpact H, J or L frame unit mount breakers, where do you run the control wire for accessories?
How do I route the accessory wires on H, J and L breakers?

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

Applies to Powerpact H, J, L frame UNIT MOUNT breakers (not I-line)

For unit mount H, J and L breakers, the accessory wires are routed through break-out tabs on the top edge of the breaker cover. The notches that define the tab locations are not always visible from the outside, while the cover is on the breaker. To see tabs, remove the breaker cover, turn it over, and look at the cover from the inside (see the picture). Use a pair of pliers to break out a tab. Then route the accessory wires through that opening and re-install the breaker cover.

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