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Where can the catalog and series number of a load center be found on an installed load center?

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QO and Homeline Load Centers

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All of today's current design Series 'S' Convertible load centers, contain a interior label with the catalog and series number on it. The interior label is located on the black plastic material of the Interior itself, either to the right or left side of the main lugs where the incoming service conductors are connected. The Label is a White label, approximately 1.5" wide x 2.0" long and is placed on Barriers that are located on both sides of the Main Lugs. SEE THE BELOW VISUAL FOR HELP LOCATING THE LABEL

NOTE:   If the load center is installed, it might be difficult to locate this label by looking straight ahead at the load center interior and might require the person to take a step either to the right or left and look back at an angle towards the Main Lugs to see the label.
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