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Is the size of the HVL/cc enclosure the same for 5kV and 15kV? What width is required for the 1200A switch? What is the purpose of the load discharge assembly? How are the fuses removed?

The size of the HVL/cc enclosure is the same for 5kV and 15kV. The 1200A switch requires a 29.50`` wide section for both 5kV and 15kV. The load discharge assembly grounds any capacitive current in the load cables. It is only available with the upright HVL/cc switch with the ground switch option. Fuses are removed from front to back. A phase is in the front and C phase is in the back of the section. The section is only 37.25`` deep and C phase is easily removed from the front.

CTA-ID : 2032268
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