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Can the signal on an Altivar 58 AI2 input be inverted so that the unit runs a low speed with a 20 mA signal, and runs at high speed with a 4 mA signal?

Yes. In menu 4, set parameter CrL to 20mA and CrH to 4mA.
Regarding these parameters, the VVDED397047US Altivar 58 Keypad manual states:
If CRL is set higher than CRH, reverse sense operation will result (i.e., 20 mA will equal low speed and 4 mA will equal high speed).
The input can be configured for 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA,
20-4 mA, among other possibilities.
NOTE: This question is often asked when the customer, installer or user does not understand the difference between speed control and PI control. Inverting the signal is not the same thing as PI, PID or Setpoint control. PI control can be done by the drive. Please see the keypad programming guide for more details.

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