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What are the repair parts for an MP44125, Series M01 branch unit?

Current design repair parts

Product Line:
Meter Pak Metering

Repair parts



Only the parts listed below are considered field replaceable:

Customer Cover (includes labels) - MP4125C
Circuit Breaker RB Cover (one position) - BCV
Cover Screws - 4020513002K
Meter Socket Cover (ring type, one position) - MMC
Meter Socket Sealing Ring (aluminum latch type) - 2920910001
Pull Box Cover - MP34125PC
Line Phase and Neutral Lugs - MMLK250
Alternate Lug Kits - Refer to Digest
Load Neutral and Service Ground Lugs Assembly - 7329819856 (includes the lugs and main neutral bus connection)
Load Netural/Service Ground Assembly Mounting Screws:
(1) 2142720163 (to connect the load neutral bus bar to the Main device neutral bus bar)
(1) 2149020120 (to connect the load neutral bus bar to the back of the enclosure just below the main neutral connection) 
(1) 2149020120 (to connect the bottom of the load neutral bus to the bracket on the back wall of the enclosure)
Equipment Ground Lugs Assembly (includes the Mounting Bracket and lugs) - 7329897053
Equipment Ground Lug Assembly Mounting Screws - (2) 2142217101
Parts Kit (one position, meter socket line side through tenant breaker base) - MM125KIT
Mounting Channel - 7329652001

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