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Obsolete see FA130530 ML Panelboards and Branch Circuit Breakers

Are replacement branch breakers still available for the obsolete ML panelboards and switchboards?

Product Line:
Obsolete Square D ML panelboards and switchboards sold and supported in the USA from 1962 to 1968.

Replacement branch breakers/ maintenance.

Are replacement branch breakers still available for the obsolete ML panelboards?

The branch breakers for the ML panelboards are now obsolete and no longer available. As 1/1/2015, we do offer adapter kits.

FAL and SK4515
KAL and SK4516
LAL and SK4517
MAL and SK4578

The best solution is to replace the complete panelboard and breakers with current products, see Digest 177, Section 9. Note that new panels will not be the same exact size as the older panels, and will likely be larger due to wire-bending space changes over the years. For assistance in selecting replacement products, first gather as many details as possible of the existing equipment. This includes information such as voltage, amps, interrupting rating, number and size of the circuit breakers, type of enclosure, etc. (the attached document below may help). Taking pictures of the complete panel with breakers may also help. Then, contact your local Schneider Electric authorized distributor, or you local Schneider Electric Field Office.

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