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What is required to convert the Homeline, Convertible Main lug Load Centers that uses the QOM2 Frame size (for example: HOM2040L200RB) to a main breaker load center?

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Homeline load centers

Conversion to main breaker


The Homeline Convertible Main lug load centers that uses a QOM2 Frame size, can be converted to a Main Breaker load center for any of the Amperages that are available with the QOM2 Main Breaker Frame, as long as the load centers MAXIMUM Mains Rating is NOT exceeded. The amperages include a 100, 125, 150, 175, 200 and 225Amps (SEE THE CURRENT ON-LINE DIGEST FOR EXACT MB CATALOG NUMBERS.

NOTE 1: Another option would be to back feed a Homeline, 2pole branch breaker as the main, of the amerage required for the application. Also, the HOM4RK2HA Retaining Kit would be required for the back feed option. The back feed option will use 2 pole spaces of the load center spaces.

NOTE 2: In the appropriately rated homeline load centers, if a 150 - 200amp branch breaker is used as a back fed main, the breaker requires 4-Pole spaces on the interior and requires the use of the HOM5RK Retaining kit. 

CTA-ID : 2030197
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