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Can a Video Distribution Hub, SDM38VBIR or SDM38VHIR, be cascaded to provide more than the eight outputs provided on the Video Distribution Hub?

Yes. Any one, or up to all eight, of the output ports on a ``master`` SDM38VBIR or SDM38VHIR may be connected to the input port of ``expansion`` hubs. If all eight output ports of the ``master`` hub were connected to input ports of eight ``expansion`` hubs, a total of 64 outputs would then be available.
* No further cascading from the outputs of the ``expansion`` hubs.
* All hubs must be powered.
* The total distance of coax cable run (total length from the ``master`` hub to the ``expansion`` hub and from the ``expansion`` hub to the television) should not exceed 150`.
* IR (infrared) control signals will not pass through to the ``expansion`` hubs without the use of an IR Expander unit. Square D does not offer this IR Expander at this time. If IR signals are needed at the expansion locations, Model 2181 IR Expander could be purchased from a ChannelPlus distributor. To contact ChannelPlus regarding location of distributors, call 1-800-999-5225. One IR Expander would be required for insertion in the coax line feeding each ``expansion`` hub.

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