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How do you wire a neutral C/T to a PowerPact P or R frame or a Masterpact NT/NW Breaker?

Product Line:
Neutral CT for PowerPact P or R frame or Masterpact NT/NW

There are different neutral CT's for the breakers based on the ampere rating of the breaker. Use the following Installation Bulletins to show how to wire it to the breaker.
For Masterpact NT and PowerPact P refer to 48049-273-04.
For Masterpact NW and PowerPact R refer to 48049-222-04.
Another Installation Bulletin that is useful is the NCTWIRING Bulletin 48041-082-03.

The following is an example of neutral CT wiring for Powerpact P and R, as well as Masterpact NT and NW (W-frame).
(Shown is neutral CT catalog number S33576.)

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