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What replaces part number LAD32?

Product Line:
Tesys D line Contactors and Accessories

The LAD32 has been discontinued. There are now two (2) sets of reversing spring terminal busbar sets. Both sets use the same LAD9V2 mechanical interlock. One set (LAD9V12 + LAD9R13) is for LC1D093 thru LC1D253 contactors using stripped wire connections. There is another set (LAD9V10 + LAD9V11) for use with the Quickfit system. The LC1D323 can use stripped wire with the LAD9V11 and LAD33 connector on the load side as long as the line side has parallel connections on both contactors. (The LC1D323 must use dual 12 AWG wires on the line side. The LAD33 connector can accomodate 10AWG.)

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