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In an EZM 3-Phase meter center, can a 1-Phase tap box (example: EZM1800TB) be added to feed a 1-Phase load down stream?

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NO. a 1-phase device cannot be added to a 3phase EZM line up. It would require a 3-Phase tap box (example: EZM3800TB) to be used when the meter center has a 3-Phase horizontal cross bus.
BEFORE obtaining the terminal box, verify with the local Utility and code authority for approval of application.

NOTE: 1-Phase EZM units (having three bus bars in horizontal cross bus) WILL NOT CONNECT to 3-Phase EZM units (having four bus bars in horizontal cross bus).
Markings requirements must be complied with. LINE and LOAD markings are not indicated in EZM Tap Boxes, allowing them to be used in backfeed applications. Once the 3-Phase tap box is installed, a 1-Phase load can then be fed from this 3-Phase enclosure.

CTA-ID : 2030388
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