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Medium Voltage Dry Type Transformer sound level/noise issues.

Sound Level for Medium Voltage Transformers

Product Line:
MV Transformers

Applies to Medium Voltage Transformers by SquareD/Schneider Electric

Transformer noise levels


The majority of sound level issues are the result of the following.
1. An overexcited core caused by an elevated primary voltage. An overcited core can result in elevated secondary voltages, sound levels, and temperatures. Corrective Action - Lower the incoming voltage or change the tap links located on the front of the Transformer coil assemblies.
2. Inadequately designed installation. SquareD/Schneider Electric recommends a minimum clearance of 10 ft on all sides of the Transformer except for the floor. Avoid installing Transformers in corners, hallways, and stairways, and near heating and air conditioning ducts. Hard surfaces can reflect and/or amplify sound waves. Use acoustic absorping materials on walls, floor, and ceiling.
3. Upon Transformer delivery, confirm the shipping washers placed between the core & coil assembly mounting channels and the base channels have been removed. Removal of the shipping washers will allow the core & coil assembly mounting channels to rest upon the vibration/sound isolation pads located between the core & coil assembly mounting channels and the base channels.

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