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Does the J250R circuit breaker enclosure contain hub provisions in the top endwall?

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Hub provisions

The J250R is provided with the Series 'A-L'  hub opening in the top endwall for use with the Series 'A-L' hub sizes. The catalog numbers of the Series 'A-L' hubs are as follows;
2.0 inch - A200L.
2.5 inch - A250L
3.0 inch - A300L
3.5 inch - A350L
4.0 inch - A400L 
In order to use the Series 'A' hub sizes, 1 inch through 2.5 inch, it will require the use of the Hub adapter plate catalog number AAP.  The bottom endwall, the bottom sidewalls and the bottom back wall of the J250R does not contain a hub provisions, but comes standard with a Knockout pattern of C,E,F,G and H. SEE CAD DRAWING #3364S for conduit sizes. 

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