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Can primary breakers be exchanged in Mini-Power Zone Transformers for ones with lower ratings?

Primary and Secondary breaker sizing for Mini Power Zone Transformers (MPZ)

Product Line:
LV Transformers

Applies to Mini Power Zone Transformers (MPZ) by SquareD/Schneider Electric

Overcurrent Protection selections for Transformers are subject to NEC 450-3b


The amperage ratings of Mini-Power Zone Transformer primary breakers were chosen with the goal of no nuisance tripping during the inrush of primary current associated with Transformer energization. Because of the relatively high inrush associated with smaller size resin filled Transformer products, breaker sizes were adjusted higher than the usual 125% of full load level associated with larger Transformers. The National Electrical Code breaker sizing rules allow up to 250% of Transformer full load if a secondary main is sized at 125% of secondary full load. Feeder panels ahead of the Mini-Power Zone Transformer must be sized at least as large as the primary breaker to avoid nuisance tripping as well. Replacement of factory supplied primary breakers with lower amperage rated breakers should be done with the understanding that nuisance tripping on inrush will sometimes occur on energization, during voltage sags, or during momentary primary power interruptions.


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