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What is the Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR) for the QU816D400SL Combination Service Entrance Device?

The SCCR of this device is dependent upon the main breaker(s) that is (are) installed. This device is supplied with (1) QDL22200 main breaker factory installed and the SCCR is 25,000 RMS Symmetrical Amperes @ 240Vac maximum. A second main breaker (QDL - 200A maximum) can be field installed. Optional factory installed and field installed main breakers types, and the resulting SCCR ratings, available are QBL=10,000, QGL=65,000 and QJL=100,000. The SCCR of the CSED will be equal to the lowest SCCR of the main breakers installed. Standard QO or QOT branch breakers series rate with the main breaker feeding them, at the main breakers rated SCCR.

CTA-ID : 2028175
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